Was founded on the solid terms of Assurance, Transparency, Integrity, and Service, by a team of reinsurance experts who made their names by delivering great service to the industry.

Our simple philosophy is to take every opportunity to heart, and never lose sight of the fact that lasting relationships are formed from day one. Each of our team members has earned and kept the trust in the industry by remaining true to the values we stand for, that is what makes us different.

ATIS RE is a Multiline fully accredited and licensed Reinsurance Intermediary Broker with a team that has over 40 years of combined experience.   We have the ability to meet and exceed our customers' expectations, and our team is dedicated to provide exceptional customer service tailored to exceed your placements chain needs, all while providing complete consulting service, being innovators, accommodating to any size or complexity, those are only few of the advantage of working with us.

Don’t wait any longer and experience the ATIS Advantage…

Our Service

Our team has one goal – to provide the very best service in the industry. Whether it’s negotiating an endorsement, handling claims, or developing innovative ways to process your reinsurance service needs, ATIS RE is committed to make your experience as convenient as possible.

Our Clients

Our clients are at the core of our success. We are very proud of the work we do. This is represented in our function, and how our clients think about us. We offer a partnership approach, delivering options built in our client’s specific needs. We are intimately involved every step of the way to ensure our clients are well protected and well served.

Our Markets

We boast strong, forthright relationships with global leading reinsurance companies. We invite these trusted partners to compete for your business in order to bring you the most competitive and comprehensive reinsurance option.